AAOS PROMs Vendor Program Participants

AAOS PROMs Vendor Program participants are selected based on a series of criteria assessing their ability to collect and submit patient-reported outcomes data; their track record of submitting data to the AAOS Registries; among other information. Only those technology vendors that meet the outlined criteria for the AAOS PROMs Vendor Program are considered for inclusion.

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Algos Pathways

Algos Pathway.png

Algos Pathways is a patient reported outcomes software designed to allow a physician or medical professional to collect PROMS. We have allowed our platform to completely digitize an intake with unlimited customization to allow the product to uniquely fulfill the needs of our customers.

Cedaron Medical

Cedaron Medical.png

Cedaron Medical provides software for rehabilitation, clinical registries, workers’ compensation, patient surveys, and outcomes analytics.

CODE Technology

CODE Technology Stacked Logo Green Circle_raster.png

CODE Technology is a patient-reported outcome solution aiding practices and hospitals in data collection. Dedicated Account Managers handle all PRO program maintenance, making CODE a comprehensive partnership beyond software alone.

Consensus Medical Systems

Consensus Medical Systems.png

Consensus provides cloud solutions for the documentation of orthopedic procedures, outcome analysis, and PROMs data collection and analysis.



Delivered by Health Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), msk.ai a complete musculoskeletal technology platform for managing patient care and collecting Patient Reported Outcomes. msk.ai combines clinical excellence with the most advanced technology to help transform how care is delivered and advance outcomes.

MedTrak CareSense

MedTrak CareSense.png

CareSense is a digital navigation and data collection system that offers patient communication, along with data collection, organization, and analysis.

MiCare Path

MiCare Path.png

Rooted in behavioral change, MiCare Path’s platform uniquely connects patients and providers with both the technology and personalized care service proven to increase patient engagement in their care, improve critical health outcomes, and reduce hospital readmissions. MiCare Path supports remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, principal care management, annual wellness visits, enrollment and monitoring services, PRO capture, home-based exercise programs, and other digital health services.



Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare creates efficiencies for doctors and nurses by streaming broadcast-quality, evidence-based video, and written education to patients and their families so that they can lead healthier, happier lives.



OBERD is the leading patient intelligence platform that transforms patient feedback and objective clinical data to help healthcare users simplify and enable each patient’s journey to wellness.



OM1 PRO tracks, scores and benchmark an individual patient’s progress and provides a detailed glidepath that can be used by the clinician for care management, providing evidence for more informed discussions and decisions, and enabling shared decision making with the patient. Our platform is designed to help healthcare organizations demonstrate value, while allowing providers to deliver personalized and highly reliable care.

Ortech Systems

Ortech Systems.png

Ortech’s data registry system captures intra-operative and implant data, and patient-reported outcomes in order to measure and analyze patient progress so you can collect a body of owned-evidence that supports decision-making based on data.




Integrated with all major EMRs, the OutcomeMD digital outcome tracking platform uses medically valid Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to remotely quantify a patient’s symptoms and quality of life, to inform and improve care. The resultant data is organized and displayed in a manner that allows patients, clinicians, administrators and payers to easily understand care results, and support decisions at every level. Patients experience more connected, personalized care resulting in measurable improvement that can be shared with their friends, family and community in a way that benefits clinicians, patients and the entire healthcare ecosystem.




PatientIQ is the healthcare technology partner for deriving actionable insights from patient outcomes data. The PatientIQ Platform is a cloud-based solution that empowers health systems, private practices, and industry to systematically collect and analyze patient-reported outcomes data. Leveraging a proprietary analytics engine and bi-directional integrations with the electronic health record (EHR), healthcare organizations are empowered to enable better care and improve operational performance - without increased administrative burden.


PRO-MAPP Health.jpg

PRO-MAPP is a provider of Dynamic Clinical Workflows, which is an innovative modular suite of digital tools that can be stacked and tailored to fit a clients relevant needs. We specialize in PROMs, deep data collection of Specific Operative Data including implant manufacturer lot and part numbers and all variables that are relevant to the procedure, Surgery Scheduling, Digital Intake Forms and Pre-Admissions Assessments, Satisfaction Surveys, Patient Engagement, Data Dashboards, Data Analytics, Clinical Research Database construction and management, as well as customized one of a kind digital workflows.

Twistle by Health Catalyst

Twistle by Health Catalyst.png

Health Catalyst offers a patient engagement tool (Twistle) that delivers PROMs to patients through HIPAA compliant secure text messaging. PROM responses can then be collected and uploaded to an EHR or registry. Our tool also incorporates machine learning to adapt to message types/times of patient response to yield the highest level of engagement and is HITRUST Certified. We have a significant library of pre-built PROMs clients can utilize and on the tool's back end, new PROMs can be created and stored in the system so no effort is required to add them to a messaging pathway.



VisionTree is a multi-tenant cloud-based platform providing the ability for site-level interfaces and both identified and de-identified data collection and reporting. With its analytics tools, custom queries and trend graphs may be generated on a patient, site, and aggregate level across sites. The platform provides a library of over 400 pre-built, validated outcomes assessments across numerous disease sites with a strong focus in a multidisciplinary workflow, including the ability to build forms, deploy interactive survivorship care plans with patient education and pathway reminders.


Vox Telehealth

Voxtel health.png

Since 2014, VOX has facilitated the “power of the patient.”  Our proprietary hybrid model combines proactive technology with human adherence management to optimize patient experience and outcomes and facilitate unmatched, longitudinal data collection.

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