Cohere Health Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cohere Health?

  • Cohere is a digital health company developing a collaboration platform for digital prior authorizations.
  • Cohere was founded in 2019 based on R&D that began in 2017; it already serves 2.5M patients nationwide and will expand to over 5.5M patients in 2022.
  • Cohere is physician-led and clinically focused, with the goal of using technology to expedite patient access to evidence-based treatment plans.

Why is the AAOS Registry Program partnering with Cohere?

  • Cohere’s goals align closely with the AAOS Registry Program’s efforts to collect, analyze, and report actionable data for its participants to promote clinical best practices.
  • The partnership between Cohere and AAOS is the first of its kind between a prior authorization vendor and AAOS.

What is the goal of the pilot?

  • Allow AJRR participants to track their performance against key quality metrics, with top performers qualifying for decreased burden for prior authorization (greenlighting).
  • Pilot participants will all receive a benefit of reduced administrative burden for their prior authorization submissions. Highest performers will benefit from greenlighting (full waiver of their prior authorizations).

Who can participate?

  • Contracted AJRR sites submitting data on four selected quality measures
  • Participation is optional; sites may opt-in for the Registry to submit data on their behalf

What are the selected measures reported on for participation?
View an overview of the Cohere pilot measures here. The measures include:

  • 90-Day Readmission
  • Discharged to Home
  • Preoperative Functional/Health Status Assessment
  • Postoperative Functional/Health Status Assessment

What are the steps to getting started with the pilot?

  • Reach out to and sign a data sharing agreement.
  • Continue or begin data submission for measure data elements.
  • Prior to AAOS sending your measure scorecard to Cohere, we will reach out to have you review measure data on your RegistryInsights® Dashboard and either approve the metrics or re-upload any necessary data.
  • Scorecards will be submitted on a quarterly basis and determinations will be made on an annual basis.

For additional information about Cohere, please visit the Cohere website.