Skylar Scarnecchia

Orthopaedic Surgeon: Nathan W. Mesko, MD, FAAOS

Hospital: Cleveland Clinic

“Felicia” has enhanced the life of 15-year-old Skylar Scarnecchia of Champion Township, Ohio. Felicia may have also saved her life.

Felicia is the nickname Skylar gave her prosthetic right leg, which she has worn since her below-the-knee amputation in 2016, due to complications from a rare form of soft-tissue cancer -- synovial sarcoma -- in the bottom of her foot.

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Skylar is now coming up on five years since her diagnosis. She has two more rounds of scans and then she will be considered cancer free. Skylar just finished up her freshman year in high school where she made freshman homecoming court attendant, played junior varsity basketball, ran track, and did high jump. She was asked to join the golf team and will be playing golf for Champion High School in the fall. She is still training for basketball, which goes on all summer.

Skylar is a GoNoodle Kid for NTV, an educational program that schools around the world use to promote physical activity. She also just did a photoshoot for the MM Milano brand, a high fashion dress line based out of Milan, Italy. Skylar is represented for acting and modeling by an agent at KMR Talent Agency in Los Angeles. She currently has an over all GPA of 3.5 after her first year of high school. She is very busy and is succeeding in every aspect of her life. 

You can follow Skylar on Instagram: @IamSkylarStrong


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