Social Media Guidance

Thank you for your participation and contribution to AAOS CME Courses.

We encourage you to use your social channels to show your involvement with these events to increase your brand visibility, showcase your commitment to advancing musculoskeletal education, and foster positive relationships with key opinion leaders in the field of orthopaedics.

Below is a short list of resources and approved copy to equip you with details you need:

  • If you choose to create your own posts about the Course you are participating in, below is guidance for your consideration:
  • You may also share content AAOS posts on social channels about AAOS Courses

  • Recommended copy:
    • Before the Event
      • We are thrilled to be participating at this #AAOSCourse and further advancing education in this field.
      • An exciting weekend is almost here at this #AAOSCourse and we are thrilled to be a part of it!
      • We are excited to be to be participating in this Course and cannot wait to network and connect with such a renowned group of orthopaedic surgeons!
    • During the Event
      • On site at the OLC at this #AAOSCourse and it is incredible to convene with leaders in the orthopaedic field!
      • We love having the opportunity to be in front of AAOS Members at this #AAOSCourse and continue to aid in advancing musculoskeletal education!
      • Thrilled to be a part of this #AAOSCourse! It's an honor to collaborate and share insights with professionals in the field. Looking forward to engaging discussions!
    • Post Event
      • It was a pleasure to meet so many engaged orthopaedic surgeons at this #AAOSCourse
      • We thoroughly enjoyed connecting and networking with so many AAOS Members at this #AAOSCourse. A joy to be in front of such a talented group of orthopaedic surgeons.
      • Just wrapped up an incredible weekend at this #AAOSCourse. A pleasure to meet with so many engaged orthopaedic surgeons!