2023 IDEA Grant Recipients

Track 2

These grants are intended to support organizations, programs, and events with a longitudinal focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce in orthopaedic surgery. 

  • Community Memorial Health System Orthopaedic Surgery Residency $4,000   
    • Community Memorial Health System Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program The program will support the Diversity Scholarship Program which allows more underrepresented minority (URM) medical students the opportunity to experience the program with the goal of recruiting, matching and successfully graduating URM orthopaedic surgery residents.  
  • Geisinger Medical Center Orthopaedic Surgery -  $4,500 
    • Visiting Medical Student Diversity Scholarship – The program will fund a scholarship for underrepresented populations in order to offset the cost of completing an away rotation at our program and encourage more women and minorities to visit and seriously consider training at Geisinger.  
  • OPM Education, Inc d/b/a Nth Dimensions $20,000 
    • AAOS-Nth Dimensions Summer Internship Program (AAOS-NDSI) The program will help fund the summer experience for URM and female students.  
  • Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society $16,000   
    • RJOS IDEA Grant for Medical Student Attendance at the RJOS Annual Meeting & AAOS Annual Meeting – This program will fund the attendance of female medial students' attendance at AAOS and RJOS Annual Meetings. It will also provide a unique opportunity to be exposed to orthopaedic surgery and specifically network with female orthopaedic surgeons with the goal of increasing the number of future female orthopaedic surgeons.  
  • The Perry Initiative $30,000 
    • Expansion of Perry Initiative POP & MSOP Capacity The grant will be directed towards expand current orthopaedic-themed, hands-on outreach programs at nationwide sites to reach more women high school and medical students and in turn increase medical student and high school student enrollment.