AAOS Strategic Plan: 2024-2028

In 2019, AAOS launched a new 5-year Strategic Plan through 2023, focusing on being the trusted leaders in advancing musculoskeletal health. Since 2019, we have remained singularly focused on serving members and patients by aligning and executing the plan’s key tenets to deliver a more personalized and seamless member experience, advance quality in ways our members can thrive and evolve our culture to be more strategic, innovative, and diverse.

We've updated the Strategic Plan for the next five years as we shape the changes that impact health and our profession and equip AAOS and its members for continued success. Many tenets will be familiar as we transition this year. We will stay focused on our Members to remain your orthopaedic home throughout your lifetime, from medical student to Emeritus. We will continue to lead the advancement of the highest quality care and shape the transition to value.

We remain committed to best practices and transparency in governance and to supporting leadership and diversity at AAOS and throughout orthopaedics. You will also see new commitments to great patient engagement and increased partnership across the musculoskeletal community. AAOS is evolving, innovating and leading the profession.

AAOS Mission

Serving our profession to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal care.

AAOS Vision

The trusted leaders in advancing musculoskeletal health.

Five-Year Outcome Statement

Improve musculoskeletal health through collaboration, innovation and patient focus

Core Values

  • Leading to serve
  • Shaping our future
  • Excellence together

Key Enablers

  • Advocacy: Advocate to advance high-value musculoskeletal health care, and support clinicians and patients to thrive in an evolving health care environment 
  • Partnerships: Use our partnership principles to collaborate across the evolving healthcare landscape to drive greater impact 
  • Communication: Use efficient, bi-directional communication with members, patients, and the MSK community to advance our strategic goals 
  • Technology: Continue to modernize AAOS's technology platforms to offer personalized member experiences 

Approved - AAOS Board of Directors - February 12, 2024.