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State Advocacy Wins

State orthopaedic societies have historically been successful in advocating for patient access to prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Since August 2016, they have secured 16 laws that protect physician ownership of ancillary services, end certain harmful insurer practices, and promote patient-centered policies.

For detailed reports on these wins, please email AAOS’ State Government Affairs Director, Jason Nippa, at

In 2020 and 2022, AAOS actively monitored nearly 2,000 pieces of state legislation on dozens of issues, along with a host of state regulatory activity, with the potential to impact orthopaedic surgeons across the country.

  • Tracked and worked to ameliorate the impact of dozens of pandemic-related state executive orders that targeted medical procedures considered elective, and also ones that instituted new telemedicine flexibilities.


  • Minnesota adopted legislation reforming the state’s prior authorization requirements. Specifically, the new law included reforms to shorten the times for a prior authorization decision, provide continuity of care for patients who have received a prior authorization, mandate adverse determinations be made by an instate physician of the same or similar specialty, and require increased reporting and transparency of the criteria used by health plans for prior authorization decisions.


  • Supported the advancement of state-level solutions to unanticipated medical bills that include robust independent dispute resolution processes.