Orthopaedic Advocacy Week

Virtual Capitol Hill Day with Lawmakers

On May 27, 202 meetings were held by AAOS members with congressional offices and representatives. Participation in these meetings is equivalent to having a seat at the policy-making table, which can lead to significant victories and progress on the issues impacting musculoskeletal care. As a result of Orthopaedic Advocacy Week, 79 new legislative cosponsors were secured on bills that AAOS seeks to advance. 

In this 2021 Virtual Capitol Hill Day Briefing Webinar, AAOS Advocacy Council Chair Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS and staff from the Office of Government Relations discuss how to prepare for Orthopaedic Advocacy Week. 

Reminders for a Successful Virtual Hill Meeting

Watch the webinar and prepare - Prior to your meetings, please be sure to watch the preparatory webinar above and check the cosponsor lists in your portal. Know in advance if you are thanking a member of Congress or asking them to become a cosponsor.

Be on time - Log onto your meeting at least 5 minutes before it is scheduled to begin. This will give your group a chance to briefly coordinate and ensure that the meeting will start on time.

Share your experiences - Members of Congress want to represent their districts well, and they know they need to learn from you. Share your expertise and on-the-ground stories so they know what is happening at home.

Don't forget the ask - It can be easy to spend time talking about how important an issue is, but members of Congress need to know how they can help. Make sure to clearly state the ask during your meetings.

Share your Experience

Don't forget to take screenshots of your meetings so that you can share your experience on social media using #OrthoAdvocacyinAction! You may also use downloadable graphics that the AAOS has created for telling your patients and peers that you participated in Virtual Capitol Hill Day.