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The Economic Impact of Orthopaedic Surgeons

The economic impact that orthopaedic surgeons have on their communities was the focus of Day 4 during Orthopaedic Advocacy Week 2022.

In addition to having a positive, lasting impact on the patients they treat, orthopaedic surgeons also play a significant role in the national and state economies. They hire within the community, create jobs with strong wages and benefits, and ultimately generate state and local tax revenue. This economic output—the value of the goods and services provided—helps other businesses grow and prosper as well. Nationwide, orthopaedic surgeons contribute $74 billion in economic output, more than 411,000 jobs and nearly $36 billion in wages in benefits. 

OrthoImpact_Federal_web image.png

The downloadable infographics below, which were created with data from the AMA Economic Impact Study, demonstrate the impact that orthopaedic surgeons have on the health of their states' economy. AAOS members may use them on social media or with policymakers to support advocacy efforts.