AAOS/OTA Daily Dilemmas in Trauma

Program Details

Course Highlights

Look forward to:

  • Low faculy-to-participant ratio: Take your seat at the virtual table with world-renowned trauma surgeons
  • Highly interactive sessions: Ask questions and seek advice on your cases at the live event
  • Gaining different perspectives and improving critical thinking with expert viewpoints on challenging cases

The Virtual Experience

1) Access 40+ pre-recorded lectures on May 5

General Trauma • Upper Extremity • Pelvis to Femur • Knee
Tibia • Foot and Ankle

NEW topics include:

  • When and How to Replace the Radial Head
  • Ankle Fractures in the Diabetic
  • Talus Fracture Management
  • When and How to Use Nail/Plate Combination
  • Femoral Nonunions, Nail or Bail? When to go with Internal Fixation
  • Nailing Intra-Articular Tibial Fractures
  • New Concepts in Peri-Prosthetic Femur Fractures
  • What Do I Need to Know About Working Up Nonunions?
  • Approaches for Distal Humerus Fractures, How Do I Choose?
  • Controversies in Time to Weightbearing in Lower Extremity Fractures

2) Tune in live on May 14 for interactive small-group case discussions and faculty panels

  • Case Reviews: Separate into small-group virtual breakouts with a faculty member to discuss each case, then return to the general session virtual room to debrief. 
  • Voted-On Panels: A panel of selected faculty review, discuss, and advise on treatments for challenging fracture cases.

3) Re-watch all lectures at your convenience 

As an added benefit, all lectures will be recorded and available until July 13.

Read what attendees of the 2021 virtual course had to say:

“A nice combination of literature discussion and personal experience, and how comorbidity factors influence surgical planning”

“Faculty provided excellent ideas, evidenced-based and practice-based scenarios, with feedback and suggestions.”

"This was a great course with very typical orthopaedic trauma cases and excellent inviting discussion and feedback. I hope you do it again with this and other topics. I will watch the series again when it is released!”

“One of the best conferences and CME programs I have attended!”

“I enjoyed the small group format with the large group reviews. All of the presenters were relaxed and engaging.”

“I really liked the format of the course: small group discussion, followed by main discussion, and then finally with audience choice of further related topics. Very nice!”

“This course was an excellent refresher on various traumas. Interaction with faculty very good and not intimidating.”

“I found this to be a great meeting and will recommend it to the rest of my group for next year.”

Who Should Attend?

Orthopaedic surgeons, residents, nurses and PAs looking to improve critical thinking and gain up-to-date knowledge to improve both patient trauma care and practice performance.

AAOS will consider the requests of persons with disabilities for reasonable modifications of policies, practices, and procedures or for auxiliary aids and services where necessary to provide them access to AAOS facilities, services and products. AAOS encourages that such requests be made as soon as possible to enhance AAOS’ ability to accommodate the requests. All such requests should be submitted to the AAOS Office of General Counsel at (847) 384-4050 or legal@aaos.org.