AAOS Outpatient and Rapid Recovery in Total Joint Replacement

Program Details

Course Highlights

Get the latest updates in this rapidly evolving area, including clinical practice guidelines, certification requirements and IPO list status.

Learn to navigate all aspects of rapid recovery programs with sessions on:

  • Pre-Operative Considerations
  • Pathways and Protocols
  • Facility and Institution Issues
  • Financial Considerations
  • Post-operative Considerations
  • Starting an Outpatient TJA Program
  • Outpatient TJA with Changing CMS Rules

Who Should Attend?

Orthopaedic surgeons who would like to implement a rapid recovery program in their institution, or those who are struggling to operationalize their vision. This program is also ideal for orthopaedic surgeons who have recently implemented a rapid recovery program in their institution.

Great for the entire care team! Surgeons are encouraged to participate with their team including PAs, nurses, anesthesiologists and hospital administrators to build synergy across all touchpoints of your program.

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