AAOS and OREF Focus on Clinical Research Needs

The AAOS and the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) announced a strategic partnership in 2020 to help narrow the gap between clinical research funding and prioritized clinical research needs in musculoskeletal care. The partnership aims to highlight areas of clinical research for which there is a need for increased, targeted funding to evaluate the effectiveness of various orthopaedic interventions and ultimately improve the quality of care for patients.

About the Grants
The first $50,000 research grant funded through this program was awarded to Scott A. Rodeo, MD, FAAOS, of the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City. Dr. Rodeo, will serve as principal investigator for the study, “PRP Treatment of the ACL-Injured Knee to Decrease the Risk of PTOA.Read the press release.

The second $50,000 OREF/AAOS Injectable Orthobiologics of Knee Osteoarthritis Grant was awarded to Kyle R. Duchman, MD, of the University of Iowa. Dr. Duchman, will serve as principal investigator for the study, “Platelet Rich Plasma for Osteoarthritis: Role of Exosomes in Effectiveness.” Joseph A. Buckwalter IV, MD, FAAOS, will serve as co-PI. Read the press release.

Learn More
For more information about current and future grant opportunities, visit OREF.org/fundthegaps. To be notified of future grant opportunities funded through the OREF/AAOS Clinical Research Gaps Fund, sign up here.

To help jump start the effort, the AAOS made an initial financial investment and now is the time to join in the effort to help support the investigational grants. If you are interested in joining the fight to close the clinical data gaps and improve patient care, consider a gift to the OREF/AAOS Clinical Research Gaps Fund.

"Together with our partners at OREF, we have designed a unique funding opportunity for clinical researchers looking to design and execute studies across musculoskeletal specialties beginning with orthobiologics.”

- Kristy Weber, MD, FAAOS, AAOS past president, Clinical Research Gaps Fund Leadership Team

“Funding is critical for bringing to fruition the groundbreaking and novel ideas thought leaders have throughout our specialty. The AAOS and OREF recognize this, and have developed a new funding opportunity to help researchers achieve their goals and advance the field of orthopedics.”

- Scott R. Nodzo, MD, FAAOS, Devices, Biologics and Technology Committee

“OREF is committed to supporting research that advances our field and allows us to provide optimal patient care. Likewise, the combined OREF/AAOS Clinical Research Gap Fund is meant to advance our knowledge gaps in the area of orthobiologics where there may not be clear unbiased clinical data. I hope you will consider supporting this fund."

- Arun Aneja MD PhD, Devices, Biologics and Technology Committee