Preoperative Risk Factors

Optimize your patients' preoperative risk factors to reduce postoperative complications and improve outcomes.


Lower number of healthy red blood cells can decrease the body’s ability to transport adequate levels of oxygen to vital organs.

There are many forms of anemia with various causes. Some forms are temporary and some are chronic. Anemia of chronic disease can occur when patients have a long-standing history of various diseases. Symptoms include fatigue, arrhythmias, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, along with others.


  • Optimizing anemic patients is important to avoid post-operative complications including, transfusion, hypovolemia, surgical site infection, and possible end organ damage.
  • Patients with chronic disease can have a slightly lower hemoglobin and hematocrit than threshold values.

Surgeon Tools/Recommendations

  • Determination of the cause of anemia in a patient will drive management options.
  • Optimize patients prior to surgery if they are identified as being anemic.