Practice Evaluation Inventory

How to find the "right" practice for you


Finding a job that provides long-term satisfaction takes more than the right connections or good luck. There are many factors to consider and many decisions to make. It requires a strategy that takes into account your personal and professional needs and values. Whether you are unhappy with your current professional situation and are thinking about making a change or you are about to begin looking for your first practice, knowing what you want and need to be successful allows you to focus your efforts on only those opportunities that best suit you. Ultimately, this process saves you time and stress.

The Practice Evaluation Inventory provides a framework to identify your values and determine whether a practice will be the right fit for you.

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Practice Evaluation Inventory Instructions:

  1. Fill in the practice name, initials or location in each of the boxes (A, B, C, D, and E) under the "PRACTICE RATINGS" heading. You only need to do this on page one. Formula's in the inventory automatically populate the other sections with the practice names once this information is recorded in the first section on page one.
  2. Record your priority rating in the second column labeled "YOUR PRIORITY RATING". Review and rate each of the factors listed below each of the section headings.
    Rate each of the factors by level of importance to you as:
    3 - Extremely important
    2 - Very Important
    1 - Somewhat Important
    0 - Not Important
  3. Record your rating of each of the practices in the columns labeled "PRACTICE RATING" As you evaluate and consider each practice opportunity, review and rate each of the factors listed below each of the section headings.
  4. Rate each of the factors for each practice as:
    3 - Favorable (Very Good)
    2 - Indifferent (Average)
    1 - Unfavorable (Poor)

The inventory formulas will determine the Weighted Rating (Your Priority Rating multiplied by the Practice Rating) for each factor.

The inventory formulas flag the individual factors by highlighting them in Green when Your Priority Rating is Extremely or Very Important and the Practice Rating was Favorable. Thus indicating when a practice is more compatible with you on factors that are important to you. The inventory formulas will provide a Subtotal at the end of each section as well as a Combined Total for all of the sections for each practice you are evaluating. The higher the subtotal and combined total the more likely the practice opportunity will be a good fit for you.

Download the form and select Save.