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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use the Academy versus Association logos?

  • When collateral references health policy or lobbying issues, the blue Association logo should be used.
  • When collateral references education, Annual Meeting, research, quality or periodicals, the red Academy logo should be used.
  • When collateral references membership, the dual Academy/Association logo should be used.

When should I use “The AAOS” versus “AAOS” versus “The Academy/Association”?

  • Upon first mention, the full name of the organization, The American Academy/Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, should be spelled out. After that, the acronym can be used with or without the word "the" depending on the grammatical structure of the sentence.

Where can I find high-resolution images and logos?

  • For access to stock images or photos from previous Annual Meetings, submit a Jotform here.
  • For high-resolution logos, reference the Brand Assets section or contact the branding team at

Where can I access other types of internal use documents?

  • Staff can visit the Hub intranet to access internal use documents such as various style guides, contract, policy and Request for Proposal (RFP) templates.

What color codes can I give to a vendor or designer?

  • The two main brand colors for AAOS are Academy Red (PMS 186) and Association Blue (PMS 661). Grey Compliment (PMS 425) is also used frequently.

What are the approved fonts for AAOS?

  • Approved fonts for AAOS digital presentations include Open Sans, Helvetica and Arial. Approved fonts for AAOS print collateral include Merriweather, Times New Roman and Georgia. Calibri is an approved default font for use on all AAOS materials.

What is the process for reviewing branded materials?

  • Refer to the AAOS Brand Guide to help create branded materials and commnunications.
  • Work with your MarCom representative for creative advice.
  • Email questions to

How can I have a logo lockup created? Do I need one?

  • When representing a partnership, product or sub-brand of the AAOS, logo lockups may be created. Contact for assistance.

What should my staff email signature look like?

  • Email signatures should include the dual, vertical logo in full color to the left with the staff member's name and contact information to the right. 

How do I order AAOS promotional items?

  • Staff should place individual orders for their own branded items with their own budgets with appropriate supervisor approvals. The Marketing and Communications team work with several vendor and promo partners who know our specs, design principles and guidelines. Reach out to for a list.

What are the appropriate system colors for creating a branded web presence?

  • The Visual Identity section of the Brand Resource Center provides the approved AAOS color palette and codes. 


Activity Circle: The stylized "O" in the AAOS logo.

BUG: Also known as a watermark, this is a small version of the AAOS Logo that appears continuously in the corner of video collateral.

Core Signature: The stylized letters “AAOS” in Gilgamesh, including the activity circle.

Dual Logo: A dual logo includes the wordmarks for both the Academy and the Association.

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

Hub: The Hub is the AAOS Employee Intranet. The Hub includes department and team pages as well as documents, policies and other resources for employees.

Knock Out Logo: Also known as a “reversed out” logo, this is a version of the AAOS logo entirely in Paper White.

Lockup: A logo lockup is the treatment of the logos of two companies who are involved in a partnership. A lockup includes the two company logos surrounded by the appropriate graphic-free zone and separated by a vertical line.

PAC: Political Action Committee

Swoosh: The “swoosh” or the “arc” is the curved graphic design element previously used on many AAOS products.

Wordmark: The words “The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons” and/or “The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons” when attached to the core signature in a logo.

Can't find what you're looking for? Email the Branding Team or download the full AAOS Brand Guide (PDF).