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Download approved American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) logos to enforce our brand identity across various mediums and platforms. Learn about guidelines for appropriate logo placement and other visual assets.

AAOS logos should be placed on ALL branded materials and communications produced on behalf of the organization.

Preferred Logos

The logos are specifically intended for use by the AAOS in connection with our programs, products, communications and services. AAOS logos are Federal Registered Trademarks on file with the Office of General Counsel. Questions about AAOS Trademarks can be routed to the Office of General Counsel by contacting

To best represent the AAOS and its core values, the preferred logos for use in digital and print are the Academy and Association two-line logos in color. When applicable, the three-color dual logo in the vertical orientation, is preferred. 


When colored logos are not able to be used, logos may be produced in Paper White (a “knock out” or “reversed out” logo) or Registration Black. The appropriate logo should be used on a simple background to provide enough contrast so that the logo is easily recognizable and legible. Backgrounds should not distract from the logo.

The Core Signature - the stylized four-letter logo of the AAOS - has a fixed relationship and should never be embellished, outlined, rearranged or altered without express permission from the branding team.

The “O” in stylized form - The Activity Circle - is also trademarked. 

**Logo deconstruction—isolating or reconfiguring elements of the core signature and/or the activity circle—is not permitted. This is done to help minimize confusion with other organizations’ logos utilizing designs that look that look similar to the AAOS activity circle.**

Additional guidelines for use of the AAOS logos can be found below.

Academy Two-Line Logo





Association Two-Line Logo





Dual Logo - Vertical





Dual Logo - Horizontal




Small Space Logo/Core Signature

small space-black.jpg

small space-red.jpg

small space-blue.jpg

small space-white.jpg

Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (FAAOS) Logo


The seal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is a stand-alone treatment for ceremonial use only, such as certificates of fellowship, recognition of volunteer experience and service awards. It is never to be paired with the wordmark or combined into a logo lockup. The seal may not be used as a logo of the AAOS or on promotional items, product packaging, etc.

The seal may only be presented in black, white, silver or gold. Please contact the branding team for more information on using the seal.


Graphic-Free Zone

The AAOS logo should be surrounded by clear, or graphic-free space that equals 100% of the activity circle on every side in order to allow the logo to be clearly and stylistically recognizable



When taglines appear with logos, they should extend the length of the core signature and should be separated by a horizontal rule line. Exceptions can be made in the case of dual logo use, where there is already a horizontal rule line. Sabon is the preferred font for the tagline typeface. If Sabon is not available, Garamond Italic is also acceptable.


Can't find what you're looking for? Email the Branding Team or download the full AAOS Brand Guide (PDF).