AAOS IDEA Grant Program - Criteria

Eligibility & Application Criteria

Grant applications should identify the track for which they are appropriate and submit an IRS Determination Letter designating the organization as a not-for-profit entity, if applicable. Only U.S. not-for-profit corporations and state-owned entities, such as public medical schools, are eligible to apply for grant funds.

The proposed program must be focused upon the elimination of bias or the promotion of diversity, equity, and/or inclusion within the specialty of orthopaedic surgery. It is strongly suggested that the program contain an education component. Diversity focus areas may include but will not be limited to:

  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • LGBTQ+
  • Socioeconomic
  • Veteran status
  • Disability

Make sure your application clearly outlines the connection your program, project, or event (programs) will have with orthopaedic surgery and that it meets the eligibility and evaluation criteria detailed below.

Application Requirements

Your grant application must include the following documents:

  1. Completed grant application form that identifies which of the four grants is being requested. Include a copy of the IRS Determination Letter designating the applying organization as a not-for-profit entity, if applicable.
  2. An outline of the program for which funding is sought, including:

    • Program description
    • Objectives
    • Budget
    • AAOS involvement
    • Timeline
    • Selection and evaluation process
    • Publicity
    • Feedback plan

Program Outline

Your application should not be overly lengthy, but each of the following criteria must be addressed (or indicate that a specific criteria does not apply to the program).

Organization. Tell us about your organization.

Program description. Describe the program, including prior successes and challenges.

Objectives. Define the program, including the target population, objectives, anticipated impact, methods of implementation, and expected results. Please also describe any benefits to the orthopaedic surgery profession, e.g., increasing diversity during orthopaedic residency.

Budget. Define the program budget, including:

  • Use of AAOS IDEA Grant funding
  • Other sources of funding
  • How other funds will be raised

AAOS involvement. Describe any requested involvement of AAOS, the Diversity Advisory Board, or other AAOS governance unit, as well as any AAOS meetings, courses, or educational resources.

Timeline. Define the timeline for the program’s activities, and any plans for support after the IDEA Grant ends.

Selection and evaluation process. Describe how the program participants are identified, and how the program’s impact and success will be evaluated.

Publicity. Define the planned national, regional, and local publicity for the program.

Feedback plan. Commit to providing feedback to AAOS through the Funds Utilization Report no later than February 15th of the year following receipt of grant funds. For example, an organization receiving a grant on January 1, 2024 must submit a Funds Utilization Report no later than February 15, 2025. The Funds Utilization Report must include:

  • Program description
  • Program impact
  • Final budget report
  • Grant’s impact
  • Future program plans



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