AAOS IDEA Grant Program - Tracks

Focused Tracks

Program funds will be allocated between four tracks, each with a different DEI focus and target recipient. This provides prospective applicants with guidance for proposing programs that will meet the criteria. Applicants are encouraged to consider any of the four tracks and fully explain why their program is a good fit and furthers the purpose of the IDEA Grant Program.

The number of grants awarded and the amount of each grant is dependent upon the number and quality of applications. 

Applicants may apply for funding in no more than two tracks within the same grant cycle.

Track 1 - Touchpoints 

Track 1 Grants are designed to support single event programs that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of orthopaedic surgery. These funds may be used to expand opportunities for traditional or established pathway programs that attract diverse medical students and residents to orthopaedics. For example:

  • Community engagement projects
  • Hands-on skills workshops
  • Educational programs focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Programs for existing Orthopaedic Specialty Interest Groups (OSIGs) at medical schools or support development of new OSIGs
  • Attendance at AAOS Medical Student Program for medical students from non-top 25/50 schools or those without home orthopaedic programs
  • DEI programs by orthopaedic specialty societies or state orthopaedic societies, e.g., programs that offer medical student scholarships to attend the AAOS Medical Student Program for those students who are not part of another pipeline program

Track 2 – Retention

Track 2 Grants are intended to support organizations, programs, and events with a longitudinal focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce in orthopaedic surgery. For example:

  • Longitudinal mentorship programs;
  • Sponsorship programs;
  • Support and professional development for diverse trainees in orthopaedic surgery
  • Facilitate faculty development and/or grand rounds to expand bystander training to address harassment, bullying or discrimination
  • Funding for junior faculty to attend AAOS Educators Course or another AAOS Course
  • Support for faculty and leadership programs at medical schools struggling to attract and retain a diverse faculty

Track 3 - Community Retention/Support

Track 3 Grants are intended to support programs and events with a focus on retaining and supporting a diverse workforce in orthopaedic surgery in the non-academic practice setting. For example:

  • Support education/training offerings for those at-risk graduates seeking to pass the ABOS boards and obtain FAAOS status. Existing AAOS educational resources may also be beneficial to these Programs
  • Provide support for orthopaedic surgeons practicing in private settings or remote communities who may be without the resources available in the academic setting. Support may include grants to attend AAOS Annual Meeting or other AAOS programs, events or courses
  • Programs that focus on recruitment and retention of a diverse orthopaedic workforce
  • Support a surgeon with disabilities who wants to attend the AAOS Annual Meeting
  • Support for educational or professional development programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Track 4 - Academic Retention/Support 

Track 4 Grants are intended to support programs and events with a focus on retaining and supporting a diverse workforce in orthopaedic surgery in the academic setting. For example:

  • Academic medical center programs that seek to recruit and retain a diverse workforce
  • Educational or professional development programs focused on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Research focused on diversity, equity and inclusion in orthopaedic surgery
  • Support academic departments’ efforts to bring in speakers or visiting professors on a DEI topic
  • U.S. academic medical center programs to recruit and expand opportunities for international orthopaedic surgeons from eligible low-income countries to participate in trainings/internships with academic centers


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