Diversity & AAOS

The AAOS respects the lives of every person regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, or sexual orientation, and will continue to support its members and the public.

Diversity as an AAOS Strategic Goal

In December 2018, the AAOS Board of Directors approved a new five-year Strategic Plan that included diversity as a strategic goal. 

AAOS and its Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) are implementing initiatives focused on increasing diversity in leader recruitment, selection, retention, and culture.


The AAOS Governance Diversity Report and Diversity Dashboard

The AAOS Governance Diversity Report provides an analysis of our volunteer structure composition and applicant selection. The AAOS Diversity Dashboard tracks progress on achieving our goal of increasing diversity in the AAOS volunteer structure.

New AAOS Career Podcast Episode Focuses On Diversity in Orthopaedics

Discussion in "Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Early in Orthopaedics" explores barriers to inclusion and the importance of increasing diversity early in training. 

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