Health and Safety Resources: Venue


The OLC Education and Conference Center is committed to a high standard for infection control and prevention and has achieved the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation. In addition to existing stringent cleaning protocols, The OLC Education & Conference Center is implementing the following added safety and health measures:

  • Maintains and performs regular housekeeping practices, including daily and nightly cleanings, using hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Provides staff members with uniforms and personal protection equipment (at no cost to the staff) that fits, offers appropriate protection and is commercially cleaned and sanitized
  • Has an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan in place
  • Uses color codes, safety signs, labels, and posters to alert staff and attendees of potential hazards
  • Properly and safely maintains and cleans all equipment and tools in the facility
  • Utilizes an HVAC system that uses 100% outside air and MERV 14 filtration
  • Is subject to regular inspections from OSHA compliance officers
  • Provides ongoing safety training to all employees

Specimen Testing: All cadaver specimens supplied to the Orthopaedic Learning Center by The Center for Anatomical Science and Education (CASE) at Saint Louis University are tested for SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) by VRL Eurofins, Centennial, Colorado. The test used is the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR. All cadaver specimens that are delivered to the OLC include a copy of the Eurofins Final Report for Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR: Results Not Detected.

Following recent changes to guidelines and recommendations from the U.S. CDC and in partnership with our local and state health departments, the OLC has added additional measures and precautions to protect and maintain the health and safety of guests and staff:

  • Modified room layouts configured to keep attendees spaced out at least 6 feet apart.
  • Social distancing enforced in all common areas, labs, locker rooms and meeting rooms.
  • A new and separate OLC entrance, with ample signage, has been designated outside the building for all attendees to use while entering and exiting
  • Strict mask requirements
  • Implementation of Electrostatic Disinfection, a forensic spraying that uses Multi-Clean Century Q 256 to ensure all surfaces are wrapped with EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Additional alcohol-based hand sanitation stations placed throughout the venue
  • Providing disposable, disinfectant wipes to routinely sanitize commonly used surfaces
  • Working with our industry food partners to provide individually packaged food and beverage items