Submit Advisory Opinions

The AAOS Resident Assembly (RA) shall work to review, comment, and recommend advisory opinion submissions from individual residents or resident delegates.

Pursuant to the Resident Assembly Rules, an Advisory Opinion is defined as a formal resolution from the Resident Assembly that is not a product of a systematic review, but rather results from deliberation and votes taken at the RA Annual Meeting.

In essence, Advisory Opinions identify initiatives/opportunities for residents or proposes a specific position or action to be taken by AAOS on resident issues that addresses process issues involving the RA only. 


Submit an Advisory Opinion

Advisory Opinion submissions are now closed.

Proposed Advisory Opinions submitted by Resident Assembly Delegates or members of the Executive Committee require one sponsor. Proposed Advisory Opinions submitted by Resident Assembly members require the signature of 20 residents. The Advisory Opinion sponsor is responsible for identifying a spokesperson, someone who can "speak to" the proposed Advisory Opinion during the Resident Assembly Open Forum.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Advisory Opinion process, you can watch a short video by Andy Jensen, MD, former Chair of the Resident Assembly, which will provide details.