Resident Assembly

Annual 2021 RA Business Meeting

The Resident Assembly Business Meeting was held Tuesday, April 6, 2021. The Resident Assemly Delegates voted to adopt all 2021 Advisory Opinions. 

Review the RA Advisory Opinions 

AO#1 - RA Inclusion in AAOS Governance

AO#2 - Increased Resident Involvement in PAC

AO#3 - Residents as Educators

About the Resident Assembly

The Resident Assembly (RA) is an advisory body to the AAOS on issues of importance to orthopaedic residents. In addition, the RA provides a forum to allow orthopaedic residents to embrace their roles as patient advocates and life-long learners. The AAOS Resident Assembly is an integral and meaningful part of AAOS.

The Resident Assembly is comprised of all orthopaedic surgery residents and fellows-in-training who are pursuing ABOS, AOBOS and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certification in the United States and Canada.

Medical Students interested in Orthopaedics can be members of the subject matter committees. 

Each residency program is encouraged to appoint a voting delegate to represent its program on matters of importance to residents in the matter of their choosing. The Resident Delegates represent their respective programs, vote on important issues, enhance communications, and acquire relevant information from and for the RA.