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While we've made great strides and many of you are satisfied with AAOS, your suggestions are guiding our plans for improvements. Some of you would like to see enhanced advocacy efforts on your behalf, especially around decreasing Medicare reimbursement rates and the rising cost of health care. In addition, you feel that AAOS should strengthen its focus to orthopaedic issues only, support for surgeons, and patient care.

AAOS should be fighting much harder to restore its member’s autonomy, increase our valuation in society, reduce administrative and insurance company influence, and improve US healthcare overall.” – Active Fellow Member

I feel the AAOS should be addressing the unsustainable yearly reductions in fee schedules from Medicare and consequently other following commercial carriers. That should be a signature issue of upmost importance.” – Active Fellow Member

As a private practice orthopaedic surgeon, I feel very little support from AAOS. It seems inevitable that large systems are crushing private practice, however, I feel the AAOS should be more proactive in assisting the “little people” providing a higher level of care.” – Active Fellow Member

What We’ve Done/AAOS Action Plan

The AAOS Office of Government Relations continues to ensure that lawmakers hear the voices of the orthopaedic community by addressing critical health policy issues on both federal and state levels that affect you, your patients, and musculoskeletal healthcare.

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