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While we've made great strides and many of you are satisfied with AAOS, your suggestions are guiding our plans for improvements. Overall, you told us you want to feel represented, and seek even greater personalization and tailoring of information relevant to your needs.

I feel more focused communication could be initiated. For example, send emails based on our individual interests as well as the general emails.” – Active Fellow Member

Allow me more control over what type, and how often I receive communication from AAOS.” – Active Fellow Member

I am a member of the Hand Society and that is more suited to my profession as a hand surgeon. I do like the yellow journal but feel the AAOS is not geared to hand surgeons.” – Active Fellow Member

What We’ve Done/AAOS Action Plan

Overall, 75% of respondents are “extremely” or “very” satisfied with the communications you receive. Your comments revealed that you appreciate the content provided, including frequent updates about educational offerings and advocacy initiatives.However, that tells us there is still room to improve. 

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