AAOS Registry Program Authorized Vendors

The AAOS Registry Program has agreements with dozens of electronic health record (EHR) and technology vendors to assist with the data submission process. These agreements entail extracting site data or sending data on behalf of sites. Registry Program staff holds routine meetings with our Authorized Vendors to keep them current with data specifications updates. Each vendor must go through an initial validation of Registry specifications.

If your site uses one of the vendors below, data transmission to the Registry Program can be streamlined, helping to reduce your burden of submitting data to multiple places. However, if you don’t utilize one of the vendors listed below, we will work with you to make the data submission process easy as possible.

The following vendors have been approved for this program:

*Vendors who have data extract templates

If you are a technology vendor who is interested in sending data on behalf of your clients for the Registry Program, we'd like to talk to you. Please fill out the Technology Vendor Interest Form and Registry Program staff will get back to you with information about the AAOS Authorized Vendor Program.