AAOS Registry Surgeon Toolkit

Steps to Become a Registry Surgeon Champion

The AAOS Registry Program has 3.5+ million procedures from 1,400+ sites and 12,000+ surgeons contained within its 5 registries. Surgeons like you, who champion the Registry Program, are critical to our success. Learn how you can become a Registry Surgeon Champion at your facility.

  1. Contact a Registry Representative at RegistryInfo@aaos.org to begin and verify the participation status of your site (new to registry, in contracting, onboarding/IT build, or active data submission)
    Alternatively, you may fill out this form to speak with a representative.

  2. Introduce the appropriate contacts to AAOS Registry staff (IT, Nurse Practitioners, Orthopaedic Line Navigator, Research Coordinator, Admin)
    A detailed list of contact descriptions can be found here. It is important that these roles are involved from the start.

  3. AAOS works with your site’s Legal team to execute a contract for your site
    A template contract can be accessed here.

  4. AAOS hosts a Data Specification Overview and Kick-off Call with your site’s IT team
    View the documents below for an overview of data elements each registry collects.

    Download the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) One-pager
    Download the Fracture & Trauma Registry (FTR) One-pager
    Download the Musculoskeletal Tumor Registry (MsTR) One-pager
    Download the Shoulder & Elbow Registry (SER) One-pager
    Download the American Spine Registry (ASR) One-pager

  5. File Build – Provide clinical expertise where needed as your IT team works to identify data sources in the electronic health record (EHR)

  6. Your IT team will work to extract data (AAOS to provide assistance and guidance as needed)
    We have agreements with dozens of technology vendors to assist with the data submission process. These agreements entail extracting data or sending data on behalf of sites. Click here for a list of approved vendors.

  7. Test Files - Your IT team will test the files and ensure proper submission protocol

  8. Once the test files have been reviewed and validated, live data submission can begin on a regular cadence

  9. Access the RegistryInsights dashboards – site, surgeon, and national levels – to be provided by AAOS

    Once a facility submits to the Registry, AAOS provides access to the data through the RegistryInsights platform. Users can view data that has been submitted as well as take advantage of search functionalities and reports to get more detailed information on patients, cases, and surgeons. Sites can also request for the creation of customized, ad hoc reports that may supplement information not readily viewable in the standard reports we make available.

    The RegistryInsights platform also allows participants to view data in the various national dashboards for benchmarking.

    Institution National Dashboards
    The Institution Dashboards give Authorized Users the ability to view their data compared to other Registry participants across the country. The information presented is blinded (i.e., de-identified) and aggregated so as to reflect the truly national nature of the Registry Program.

    Easy-to-understand graphs help you visualize how your data compares, and filters within the dashboard allow users to tailor the view and scope of data. If multiple facilities within the same health system are participating, users have the ability to visualize both individual site and entire health system data.

    The information presented can be viewed in all categories of data we accept - procedural, post-operative, and patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs).

    Surgeon National Dashboards
    The Surgeon Dashboards provide surgeons a personalized dashboard and a summarized status of their individual procedural, post-operative, and PROMs data. Surgeons can use this to compare themselves against national benchmarks and data.

    In addition, by logging into their own dashboards, the Registry Program allows surgeons the opportunity to earn up to 10 self-assessment examination (SAE) credits for the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part II. ASR participants can satisfy the American Board of Neurological Surgery Continuous Certification Part IV and ABOS MOC Part II.


  10. Receive ongoing training and data updates, to be provided by AAOS
    View recordings of previous webinars on a variety of Registry topics here. Registry Program participants are sent invites to relevant upcoming informational webinars led by AAOS.


The Power of Registry Data

Once your site is participating and actively submitting data to a registry, the power of data will be at your fingertips. A few of the benefits of Registry participation include:

Data Reuse Opportunities
Data from the AAOS Registry Program can be used to help satisfy your or your site’s requirements for collaborative programs like quality certification programs, federal quality initiatives, insurer’s distinction programs, and state collaboratives. Learn more about our quality collaborations here.

AAOS Registry Analytics Institute®
Registry analyses are open to investigators who have a well-defined hypothesis or question related to orthopaedics and they can request data through an application process cycle. Learn more here.

American Joint Replacement Research-Collaborative
The American Joint Replacement Research-Collaborative (AJRR-C) leverages big data resources, such as registries and databases, for total joint replacement research. Learn more here.

Registry Publications
View the Annual Reports and supplements that the AAOS Registry Program publishes for each of its registries, as well as a list of manuscripts, posters, and podium presentations analyzing Registry data here.


Contact Us with Any Questions

If you run into any issues or would like more information about an aspect of Registry participation, do not hesitate to reach out. Registry staff email addresses and phone numbers can be found below.