AAOS Leadership Institute® (ALI) - Level 4

Personalized Learning & Access

ALI Level 4 is designed for innovative leaders who aspire to the highest levels of AAOS governance. Highlights of Level 4 include advanced coaching and mentoring along with a personalized program tailored to the development areas most important to your personal growth. 

Learning opportunities include a workshop with a career consultant that targets specific leadership skills. Participants will also benefit from a deep dive into diversity and implicit bias training through a focused workshop.

One-to-one mentoring with a current or former member of the AAOS Board of Directors provides invaluable experience. Formal mentoring will bring to life much of the leadership content shared throughout the ALI Program, and will provide you with a clearer understanding of the responsibilities and dynamics of working at the AAOS Board level.

Each year, 10 AAOS members will have the opportunity to participate in Level 4. This level is by application-only for members who have completed all components of ALI Level 3, including the prerequisite experience and service. Candidates will need to apply and be selected through the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) process. Please monitor the CAP in mid-summer for the opportunity to apply.

The Level 4 Class of 2024 is completing a term from February 19, 2024 to March 14, 2025.

Online Learning Modules

  • Choose from select online modules targeted to your needs

Learn by Experience

  • Advanced mentoring with current or former AAOS Board of Directors member
  • Serve as an AAOS volunteer committee or council chair

Prerequisites for ALI Level 4 Participation

To be eligible to apply for Level 4 you must:

  • Complete ALI Level 3 or be eligible for exemption
  • Complete two years of committee chair service in the last five years

Completion Requirements

  • Complete online modules
  • Attend in-person and virtual workshops
  • Serve as a mentor for ALI Levels 2 and 3
  • Sponsor a Level 3 participant who is applying for Level 4


  • Leadership Consultant
  • Diversity and Implicit Bias

For more information

ALI FAQs provide you with quick answers to common questions about the program. ALI At a Glance lists program components for each level.

In addition, a full overview of the program is available to download and print. 

Each level of the ALI Program is a prerequisite to serve at a higher level of governance.  Members who are serving or have served in governance positions may be exempt from some ALI program levels. Exemption eligibility is determined by specific guidelines

Members will be informed through email whether they are exempt from any portion of the program. For specific information regarding your exemption eligibility, please contact governance@aaos.org.