Mentorship in the AAOS Leadership Institute® (ALI)

Become an ALI Mentor

A great way for experienced AAOS volunteers to quickly get involved with the ALI Program is to serve as a mentor. There are two different types of mentoring in ALI. Each type aligns with an ALI Level.

Informal Mentoring

In ALI Level 2, participants connect with experienced AAOS volunteers via email to learn more about committee involvement, other ways to engage with the Academy, and career paths.

All Academy members who have served in governance in 2019-20 and/or 2020-21 are eligible to serve as informal mentors.

Formal Mentoring

In ALI Levels 3 and 4, participants will be matched with AAOS volunteer leaders as part of a formal, one-on-one mentoring program. Level 3 participants will be matched with current or former committee or council chairs as mentors, and mentors for Level 4 participants will be current or former members of the AAOS Board of Directors.

Becoming a Mentor

Prior to the launch of Levels 1 and 2, AAOS will contact current volunteer members to assess their interest in serving as an informal mentor for Level 2. Because Levels 3 and 4 begin in 2021, AAOS will reach out to volunteer leaders later this year to provide more information on the formal mentoring program.

For more information

ALI FAQs provide you with quick answers to common questions about the program. ALI At a Glance lists program components for each level.

In addition, a full overview of the program is available to download and print. 

To learn more about mentoring opportunities or to volunteer, please contact