AAOS RegistryInsights® Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Portal Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does access to the AAOS RegistryInsights® patient-reported outcome (PRO) portal cost?

Our PRO portal is included with your participation at no additional cost.


  1. Which patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are collected? Are all mandatory?

Visit each AAOS Registry's individual page for a list of PROMs. None of the PRO surveys are required to be submitted, but submission of PROs is highly encouraged. PROMs data can be used to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of quality improvement measures.


  1. At what intervals should PROMs be collected?

The collection frequency of PROMs is at your discretion. The Registry Program will accept PROMs submitted at any interval. At a minimum, we recommend a pre-operative PROM, a post-operative three-month PROM, and a post-operative one-year PROM. These are the intervals that you will be able to compare on a national, de-identified basis. 


  1. Can my site choose which PROM to use?

Yes, however, our PROM tool only supports the recommended PROMs and national comparisons cannot be guaranteed for others.


  1. How are PROMs submitted?

PROMs can be entered electronically or emailed to a patient via our PRO portal. These surveys would be uploaded automatically. We also offer the option to submit this information manually. If you are using a third-party vendor to collect PROM data and they are part of our Authorized Vendor Program, they can submit on your behalf. We have established agreements with these vendors and they are aware of our data requirements, which allows us to provide this convenient service. Please visit this link for a list of our Authorized Vendors.


  1. How do I start using the PRO portal?

Contact the AAOS Registry Support team at RegistrySupport@aaos.org or call (847) 292-0530.